Saturday, January 27, 2007

Five Tibetans Workshops in the USA
I will be in the US from 31st March to 23rd April. I am looking for people who are interested in hosting a T5T (The 5 Tibetans) Student Workshop during this period. Its fun and a skill that once learnt, lasts a lifetime.

My book The 10- Minute Rejuvenation Plan launches on April 3rd 2007 - Three Rivers Press (Random House), and local media (print, radio & tv) will be contacted.

As a host you will receive free tuition; a copy of the book (176 pages & 202 photos); a T5T CD and Poster.

If you have a network of friends or colleagues whom you think might benefit from this portable & manageable daily routine (10 mins per day once learnt) - please email me for an information pack.

Alternatively, you may want to suggest this to someone you know.

Most people experience one or all of the following benefits:
  • boosts energy, vitality & endurance
  • both general and core strength improved
  • increased flexibility
  • mind is clearer and sharper. Ability to focus
  • calmer & less reactive to stress
  • renewed sense of purpose & wellbeing
  • sleep & health improves
  • desire for healthier foods
  • more self disciplined
  • feel younger

Here's a group of happy people after a workshop.


Anonymous said...

what impact does rigorous t5t have on blood pressure. i believe it can go up!

Dirk said...


My wife and I celebrated our 50th birthday a few weeks ago and like most people are very busy. Nevertheless for the last 5 years we have been practising the 5 Tibs deligently.

Struggling at first to get to 5 or 10 and 15 repetitions we are now doing them almost without giving it any thought of how much we struggled and suffered in the beginning.

And even now when we are doing 21 reps there are days when I just don't get there and have to come down again to the "comfortzone" of 12 reps.

I haven't read anything else since the first original small booklet and still think that nothing beats one's own experience.

However, your approach to "translate" these exercises for other people than ballet dancers, yogateachers and 20 or 30ty somethings is definetely "added value" and not just being "creative" with the legacy of the masters.

Looking forward to your book and cd and (yes people congratulated us for not looking our age),

All the best,


Carolinda Witt said...

Hi Dirk!

It's so great to connect with like-minded people! Good on you both for achieving and maintaining 21 repetitions (most of the time!). I certainly wouldn't stop now, I couldn't bear to feel that sluggish and lacking in strength. Would make me feel old!

One of the things you'll like about the modifications I have made is the emphasis on strengthening the core muscles (pelvic floor is one of them). As we age, that scurge of gravity affects us internally as well as externally. Read this amazing Testimonial from a lady in Australia.

"For 6 years I have used “incontinence pads”. For the last 2 weeks since T5T I have had no need for pads. I am in my late 60’s. "
Sally Walsh

What she doesn't say here is how it has changed her life. She had to sleep with towels at night, and wash them by day. She was worried about odours - and now all this is gone! Interestingly she had been doing Pilates for 18 months with a very good teacher, which should have had at least some impact!

By the way, you would be amazed how stiff young people, even teenagers can be today!

Thanks for your lovely comment. Bye for now

Carolinda Witt said...

Blood pressure can be affected by many things, so it is impossible to give a one-size fits all answer to your comment.

Moderate exercise is often recommended to help reduce high blood pressure, along with dietary and stress-reduction changes.

Generally, exercises like the Rites stimulate circulation improving the supply of oxygen and removal of wastes from the cells. Improved circulation also boosts our immune system.

If you are concerned about this, your first step should be to talk to your doctor. Certain heart conditions like an enlarged heart or heart valve probems are contra-indicated for these exercises.

Dirk said...

Hi Carolinda,

No, for the moment we don't need to strenghten our core muscles to avoid wetting our beds and we are not using any incontinence pads...

What indeed is a challenge as you mentioned on your site is doing the Tibs with the necessary awareness, balance and control.

I am also interested in the detox effect of the Tibs resulting from massaging the organs.

I feel I have done them well when I am slightly sweating all over and my body is "glowing".

Regarding the time to do them I am more close to 15' or 20' minutes all in than 10'. This seems rather fast?



Carolinda Witt said...

Oops! I must be careful what I write and in what context I write it! Didn't mean to infer....! I hope you had a bit of a giggle, I did, when I read your return comment.
Regarding the detox benefits. There is no doubt that the improved circulation that occurs as a result of practicing the Rites, assists the body in removing impurities and wastes, stored in the organs, joints & fatty tissue etc of the body. I like to think of the analogy of a stagnant pond: Where there is no movement, there is no fresh supply of water to replenish the pond and flush out the stale water. The water stagnates. It gets darker and dirtier and often smells. When a regular source of fresh water refills the pond, there is vitality, health & growth. Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth Book 2 goes into some details on why the Rites work from a medical & energetic perspective. Do you have this book?

I'll make a post about the time taken to practice the Rites soon, but to sum it up in brief: I did a survey of my instructors and long-term practitioners of T5T. 10 mins was the average amount of time taken. There are days though when all of us feel like doing it slower, particularly when nurturing ourselves with the 3 Energy Breaths between each Rite. It depends how long you have been doing them, and how you do them. T5T is all about control, alignment and muscular balance. I have met one woman who took 5 minutes who had learnt them from one of Peter Kelder's books!

When you learn from books it is hard to get a sense of pace. I think people just tune in to what suits them. The lady that took 5 mins, does life fast, and the Rites are just part of her speedy lifestyle. She could if she wished, chose to use them as a place of calm and peace amongst the storm. On the other hand there are those who have found a comfortable pace that doesn't really challenge them.

The real point I believe is not so much the speed or lack of speed we do it at, but whether we can sustain this daily practice over our life-time. Sometimes this means going slow, sometimes this means going faster.

Anonymous said...

you are right. its not about 10 minutes or 20 minutes ( choose your individual speed) but keep doing it. you need to do it for a lifetime. its not a quick fix solution. become a t5t junkie!!

Carolinda Witt said...

I like that - a T5T junkie! You are right! It's a habit worth having. All the best. C

Anonymous said...

along with t5t, can you recommend or endorse antioxidants/health products which help? or would that be over extending yourself? as i see it, it is knowledge and if one has it one should pass it around. it earns interest!

Anonymous said...

having tried different training techniques all my life, i believe that t5t is all that a person needs in terms of time taken and benefits to body and mind. other more robust techniques can make a person tired and a day's rest is required to recover. t5t is just perfect. it also has muscle building ability. but it should be done correctly with the right breathing for the desired results. add the right diet, and you have a clear winner here!

Carolinda Witt said...

What other techniques have you tried? What was it about them that stopped you doing them? I'm always interested in why people stop doing certain routines. People stop doing T5T too, even though the benefits far outweight the short amount of time and effort involved. Might be interesting to do a post on all the reasons people stop doing them?

Carolinda Witt said...

I use LifePak by Pharmanex which is a network marketing company. They are capsules with powder so you don't have the problem with the non-digestability of hard tablets. You get a little plastic sachet with 5 capsules that is so easy to carry around and most importantly for me - remember to take! They have a unique scanner which measures your antioxidant levels & cellular health by detecting your carotenoid levels in your skin.

You are measured before you begin supplementation and then afterwards. The results were spectacular and I haven't looked back since. If you don't get an improvement within 60 days when you are measured again, you get your money back.

I joined the company so I could buy the products wholesale, but I don't do network marketing. Not that there is anything wrong with it, I simply don't have time. If you are interested though, drop me a line to because the person above me could give you all the help you need. He's very, very successful at this form of marketing. I just love the products and who knows, one day may work the business.

Here's their website and after it, the 'why you would use it'. Check the website out, it gives you heaps of information. It also gives you comparative measurable information on other products on the market.

Why You Would Use It
LifePak supplies a synergistic balance of essential nutrients important in maintaining normal health and well-being. The scientists behind the LifePak formulation understand the unique relationship between the five key elements of dynamic health supplementation - phytonutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. Sometimes individual elements can assist others in serving their purposes while still providing their own functions. On the other hand, certain elements may affect the absorption rate of other elements, such as zinc in reducing copper's absorption rate. LifePak's scientists are aware of these intricacies and aim to extract the full and optimum effect of each ingredient.

Incomplete combinations of complex ingredients are inadequate for fulfilling the body's multiple requirements. LifePak uses a complex formula that synergistically incorporates the five key elements. Our stringent requirements demand quality ingredients. Such a philosophy provides you with products designed for optimal health.
Over 1,000 clinical studies show the benefits of the ingredients in LifePak. LifePak is formulated to add life to your years.
LifePak is the most comprehensive vitamin supplement available with complete B vitamins.
Dietary deficiencies of vitamins B, C and E can lead to the damage of DNA cells. The combination of these vitamins together with alpha-lipoic acid and over 20 protective nutrients can help you feel better longer, as well as preventing dietary deficiencies.
Delivers cardiovascular support with natural vitamin E and B vitamins, plus balanced bone nutrition with calcium, magnesium and vitamin D.
LifePak, with its high-potency, broad-spectrum antioxidant formulation, offers cell protection against damaging free radical attacks.
LifePak is a full-spectrum trace element supplement, including chromium.
A comprehensive phytonutrient supplement providing complete nutritional support for the improvement of general well-being with vitamins A, C, E, B6, zinc, and a carotenoid blend, which all have the important influences on the immune system and helps promote normal immune function.
An optimal nutritional supplement needs to incorporate all five essential components; vitamins, phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and trace elements. LifePak contains all five providing an optimal addition to a health maintenance program!

Anonymous said...

i cant understand why people stop t5t. doesnt take time, doesnt cost money, can be done anywhere at any time, can be experimented with, added on, done exclusively too. so i really cant fathom this. plus its not difficult. i have done everything: from weights to freehand. t5t gives me the greatest flexibility in time, costs nothing, allows me to experiment with it, keeps me free from gadgets and, most important, allows me to get to my core by opening my chakras. plus it really makes me very strong and youthful. i get to understand myself better in a 'soul fashion' with all the add ons of exercise. i call it yogic exercise.

Anonymous said...

hows aloe vera?

Carolinda Witt said...

It has many application. I grow it and use for insect bites, burns, rashes, bruises etc. It helps relieve pain, is soothing and calming and helps prevent infection. It is great for athlete's foot if you apply it 4 times a day. It has anti-inflammatory properties & helps support the immune system.

I haven't made my own juice, but it is easy to buy. Then you can drink it as directed for a great digestive tonic, which soothes the lining of the stomach and intestine. Good for constipation, heartburn, indigestion.

Then there are all the cosmetic applications for skin, hair etc. Good for muscle aches, strains and bruises.

All round good guy!

Carolinda Witt said...

I think people stop because of the effort it takes. Some people live their entire life rushing for a future imagined event that may not even happen, where time is so poor, that even 10 - 15 mins per day is too long. Another reason might be that it is hard for people to remain present in their bodies. Despite the benefits, they may get bored and move on.

I have taught lots of people in my area and they often feel compelled to tell me that they are still doing them, or they 'fell off the wagon' and want a refresher course.

Some people just don't have the motivation long-term. They don't focus on the outcome. This is the same as how people remain addicted to tobacco etc, they focus on the loss of the short term benefits. What they need to focus on is how NOT smoking improves their life. To get them off it, they have to REALLY want to. In the case of T5T or any exercise, they need to find ways or reasons as to why it is important to be healthy, strong, flexible, calm etc. If they don't have that in place, then they don't have a compelling reason to keep doing it.

I'm going to put this into a post and see if we get some people commenting. I doubt it, because people who read this blog are doing them! Perhaps there are the odd few looking to start again.

Elygene said...

Hi I live in San Francisco CA and would like to participate in your workshop, if possible. I have been doing the 6 Tibetan rites for about 1.5 years now. Yes, including the 6th rite that requires celibacy.

Will you be here in the San Francisco Bay Area during your U.S. trip?

Carolinda Witt said...

Hi there! That's great! I'm booked for Mooresville, North Carolina, Washington, New York and Jacksonville, Florida. I do have interest in San Francisco and am trying to fit it in. Can you email me at so I can keep you in touch with plans?
All the best for now.

Anonymous said...

hows the tour going? update on latest developments will be great.

Carolinda Witt said...

See the latest post on the blog in answer.