Friday, September 19, 2008

The Five Tibetan Rites - Free Poster

You are welcome to circulate or give-away this poster that I designed.

I call my version of The Five Tibetan Rites "T5T". This is because I have modified them whilst retaining the integrity of the original version. I have taught thousands of students to do the Rites and many teachers. Here are the differences between the original version and T5T (in brief).

  1. The addition of core stability to each of the Rites. This ensures that the complete spinal colomn is protected and stabilised like the guidewires of a tent. Core stability protects the spine from injury, prevents incontinence, tones the reproductive muscles.
  2. A much bigger focus on breathing. The original Rites just say "Take a Few Deep Breaths". How well you breathe is literally an indication of your lifespan. T5T teaches people how and where to breathe to get the best results. It expands your breathing capacity, removes tension from your breathing, and slows your breathing rate.
  3. A step-by-step strength and flexibility build-up process. Strength is developed from the inside out - so you are not like a 'soft centered chocolate' (metaphor by Susie Lapin, Physiotherapist). Prevents injury or strain and super charges your benefits.
  4. Modifications to prevent collapsing the discs and vertebrae of the spine and neck. Some of the movements are contraindicated for people with a previous injury or natural degeneration. Prevents injury and strain.
  5. All the common problems and solutions so just about anyone can do them.
  6. The use of Affirmations to empower the natural movements
  7. Ascribing each movement to one of the five elements
  8. Modern names that describe the movements rather than No 1, No 2 etc.
I wish you happy spinning and full, natural, deep breath.