Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Five Tibetans Teacher Training Program


Finally a way to learn how to teach T5T® (The Five Tibetan Rites and Energy Breathing Program) that:

  • You can do at your own time and pace.
  • You don’t have to take time off work – just do it when it suits you.
  • Is less expensive than an on-site training - no travel, accommodation, venue or transportation costs involved
You learn how to teach T5T® to:
  1. Private individuals
  2. Small groups
  3. Public workshops
  4. Corporate training
Would you like to?
  • Have an additional source of income?
  • Earn money from something that keeps you fit, healthy & happy?
  • Help yourself and help others change their lives to the positive?
  • Add a complimentary skill to your existing qualifications?
  • Appear on the www.T5T.com website as a Registered T5T® Instructor?
  • Be part of a recognised brand? Share in the marketing & promotional efforts of T5T®?
What Does it Include?

It's easy for you to get your business up and running straight away. You don’t need to create your own brochures, advertisements, business cards etc, as they have already been attractively designed for you to simply personalise and print.

The T5T Business Manual

Every form you need to run the business immediately is provided: How to promote & market yourself; press releases for media; advertising and ready made adverts; prize winner letter; practitioner specials; testimonials etc. Handling objections; phone call inquiry script; enrolment form; indemnity form; workshop roll sheet; promissory note (for those who have to pay by payment plan); feedback form; health providers information pack (for those who need to check with their doctors); tuition rate card; poster for the door of venue; workshop check lists; stationary; letterhead; logo; price list of T5T merchandise; student certificate and much more.

The T5T Teaching Manual
akes it so achievable for you to begin teaching T5T; almost immediately. The entire T5T workshop is written out for you to follow - in a bullet point format and an in-depth format. You use the bullet point version to follow along with during class so you don’t lose your place, and the in-depth version to study, practice and fine-tune your instructing skills. Naturally you will want to bring your own experience, stories and expression to the workshop, but the hard work has all been done for you (& tried and tested by over 800 people and 27 Instructors). Every student gets a copy of the T5T book, CD & Poster as part of their fee, so you can be sure that everything gets covered.

T5T Book (176 pages & 204 photos)
T5T: The Five Tibetan Exercise Rites (Penguin, Australia & New Zealand) or the US version The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan (Random House)

ompanion T5T DVD
Filmed in both studio and outside locations. This makes if very easy for you to accurately learn the postures and breathing.

Companion audio T5T CD
Simply turn it on and follow the instructions. It helps you memorize all the fine points. It also contains the three T5T relaxation/visualisation exercises centered on breathing, which include the natural sounds of nature as well as enriching music.

T5T Poster
With the 5 Rites on the one side and the warm-ups on the other

Two Books for the Book Reports.
  • The Eye of Revelation by Peter Kelder which tells the original story of The Five Tibetan Rites of Rejuvenation.
  • Free Your Breath, Free Your Life by Dennis Lewis which illustrates the natural full breathing philosophy of T5T
Paul Grilley’s DVD – Anatomy for Yoga
Which makes it so clear why some people can do certain postures and others can’t. Paul uses yoga teachers to show the difference between muscular tension or bone or soft tissue compression. This will explain why some people can do a perfect downward dog and others can’t!

On the completion of your training:

  • You become a Registered T5T® Instructor
  • You are licenced to teach T5T® to anyone with the exception of teaching other T5T Teachers.
  • You receive a professional Certificate (see picture above) recognising you as a Registered T5T® Instructor.
  • All workshop materials and merchandise are made available to you at wholesale prices.
  • You receive a personal User Login and Password to enter your personal information, workshops and private testimonials on the www.T5T.com website.
  • You share in the recognition, marketing, media and purchasing benefits of the T5T brand

Your Next Step if Interested

If interested please complete an Expression of Interest Form.

Upon receipt of this form you will be sent a Payment Form which gives details of the payment plan options.

Bratislav Petrovic - Yoga Teacher - Melbourne, Australia - I did the T5T instructor training in Melbourne at the beginning of February 06. The training was so detailed, practical and very informative. Even though I have been doing and teaching yoga for more than 10 years I learnt a lot from Carolinda about the 5 Rites. The training was so detailed that I feel confident that I could start teaching T5T immediately. Carolinda was so dedicated to teaching us every detail about T5T. We were given excellent notes to take with us.

The business part of the manual is so good and we don't need to spend any time for preparation the necessary documentation for teaching. It is specifically useful for me because English is my second language. I can go now with all that I need to promote the T5T workshops with a peace of mind because everything is done professionally.

Why would a yoga teacher go for this training? Carolinda has done so much research with various practitioners to create the safest program for teaching the 5 Rites. Students do each Rite step by step in order to do them safely and gradually develop muscles which will lift their self esteem. I am confident that many students of T5T would start doing yoga when they reach 21 repetitions of each Rite. Many of them probably would have never considered doing yoga before.

Each T5T instructor can have access to the T5T web page to advertise the workshops and get more students. Carolinda is there to help us if we need her.

Monday, July 02, 2007

The Five Tibetan Rites on Facebook - Meet Others:

Meet others who are interested in performing- or who already doing the Five Rites. Share experiences, problems, tips, network.

Join Facebook to access - its free and you can create your own social network in addition to joining this group. Great way to network.

Just click on the link above to begin.