Sunday, March 18, 2007


We call it 'falling off the wagon!' Many people learn and practice the rites, and whilst many people continue to practice them for years and years (I know of one old man in his 80's who has practiced them for 20 years), others give up.

When I have asked them why, they say that they just 'got out of the habit' of doing them. Then they immediately say, 'But I felt so much better when I did do them. I'm going to get back to doing them again'.

There's the key! The ability to maintain a habit, pattern, routine, call it what you will, this is the No 1 difference between those that keep it up and others who give up.

Some of those who gave up had practiced them for years - then slowly cut out one day at a time, which then ran into two days, then 3 days, then a week and so on. Then the pattern was broken and other life events simply seeped into the cracks of The Five Tibetans time until suddenly they stopped! This is despite the wonderful benefits they received when doing the Rites - so what's going on?

Initially people say this is what happened:

  • I got sick
  • I went on holiday
  • I was too busy with a project at work
  • The place I am living is too small, or I'm concerned about waking others
  • I got lazy
  • My relationship broke up
  • Someone in my close circle died
  • I haven't any time

Regardless of the initial impetus that stopped people doing them, the real issue is breaking the pattern. Why do you break the pattern? Because you are no longer inspired to do them! Yes, you may have all the original benefits you wanted - more energy, calmness, stronger muscles and core, more flexibility, improved health and stamina - but you have got used to having those benefits. Now, you need something more!

So if you want to keep doing them, here is a great way of linking how doing the rites' can help you achieve your mission, purpose or goals in life. The truth is you need MORE reasons to DO them, than NOT to do them. This method comes from Dr John Demartini who appears on "The Secret" movie. You need to get a pen and paper! Write down the 7 areas of your life as headings:

  1. Spiritual
  2. Familial
  3. Vocational
  4. Financial
  5. Mental
  6. Physical
  7. Social

In each area of your life, write down 25 to 30 ways in which doing this activity can help you fulfill your life mission/purpose/goals.

Get yourself inspired again and let me know how you go?

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