Monday, January 30, 2006

The Five Tibetans - Any history Found On Their Origins?
I received this email recently, 'I've been doing 5T for about 2 and a half years now. It's great.I wish I could find more literature about the history and traditional practice of them in old times....Best wishes Natasha.'

I couldn't agree more with her. It is such a shame that the original sources of the Rites can no longer be found. Apart from the original book written by Peter Kelder 'The Eye of Revelation' which introduced the Rites to the West in the late 1930's - I have not found any other source of information. Has anyone else?

Monday, January 09, 2006

The Five Tibetan Rites - Here's an adaptation of the 3rd Rite that can be done on a chair

Prevent a dowager's hump. Here's a back stretch that's good for reducing tension between the shoulder blades and correcting posture. Sit on a chair facing the backrest, with your arms behind you and your hands grabbing the chair base. Point your chin towards your chest. Pull your navel towards your spine, which you should maintain throughout the movement for core stability. While breathing in, lift your breastbone upwards, without puffing out your ribs, and smoothly arch your head and torso backwards. Keep your neck long and strong. Squeeze your shoulder blades together and focus on expanding the front of your chest. Then, while breathing out, reverse the movement smoothly back to your starting position, bringing the chin back towards your chest. Begin with three backbends per day and build up to 21.

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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Five Tibetans done on a glacier!

Where have you practiced your Five Tibetans?

I love doing them on the hard sand at the beach when I get a chance, although my deck in the open air is also enjoyable. I've done them in hotel rooms, and once even tried to do them on the back of a jumbo! Too many people waiting in line for the restrooms unfortunately.

One of the T5T Instructors Jillian, did them on a glacier in New Zealand last year and I've heard of someone doing them on the Great Wall of China!

This bear seems to find the ice a good place to do Rite No 2 - The Leg Raise!

Has anybody else done them somewhere interesting?
No Time For Exercise - do The Five Tibetans!

One of the reasons I was drawn to The Five Tibetans was the small amount of time it takes to get such big benefits. I'm probably like most people today - busy trying to fit everything in. It's not that I don't like attending yoga, pilates or other classes, it's the time it takes travelling to and from them - let alone the additional cost!

Since T5T only takes me just under 10 minutes a day, it is achievable. If I can't find 10 minutes a day, then I really need to take a good long look at my lifestyle!

They keep me fit, flexible and strong. I never seem to get ill. I have plenty of energy and feel far more focused. I'm so much calmer it amazes me sometimes!