Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Five Tibetans done on a glacier!

Where have you practiced your Five Tibetans?

I love doing them on the hard sand at the beach when I get a chance, although my deck in the open air is also enjoyable. I've done them in hotel rooms, and once even tried to do them on the back of a jumbo! Too many people waiting in line for the restrooms unfortunately.

One of the T5T Instructors Jillian, did them on a glacier in New Zealand last year and I've heard of someone doing them on the Great Wall of China!

This bear seems to find the ice a good place to do Rite No 2 - The Leg Raise!

Has anybody else done them somewhere interesting?


Catherine Gross said...

I have managed to do the rites in the aisle of an aircraft ,you just have to pick the right moment.
When food is served or during the movie. Also before breakfast helps relieve jetlag on long hauls.

Carolinda Witt said...

I imagine the aircrew handing out the food find it rather entertaining as you spin around with your arms outstretched! Well I suppose they've seen everything!
The jetlag tip is a good one. A friend of mine who travels all the time says the same thing.