Saturday, January 27, 2007

The Five Tibetan Rites - Do They Help You Lose Weight?

The 5 Tibetan exercises are truly remarkable! I believe to the depth of my soul that the regular doing of these exercises contributed greatly to the reduction in my body weight by 8 kgs in 2006. On 1 April I weighted 83 kgs and commenced T5Ts about the same time. By 25 November (my birthday) I weighted 75 kgs!! I am a believer in reducing weight slowly so I was so trilled with this. I did at one time weigh 94kgs and this is the lightest I have been in 20 years. I couldn't even do half a repetition of Rites No 4 & 5, yet I continually persisted each day just to do as much as I could. So little by little I improved in technique and strength. I was absolutely delighted with myself as I could do 21 rotations of each of T5T pose after ONLY 14 weeks. T5T gave me and continues to give me a wonderful sense of amazement - that my body can DO them; a sense of achievement; confidence; increased happiness; an incredible feeling of well-being and the increased my fitness level dramatically!! I would like to say 'thank you' to my friends Chris and Laurie who introduced me to them! They have changed my life!! " Shirley-Anne Lawler (51 years)

Over the years of teaching the Rites, I have noticed the following trends when it comes to losing weight. One thing for sure, is that there is no "one size fits all" answer to this question.

  • Prior to learning T5T (The 5 Tibetans) - people who have been doing very little exercise, seem to lose weight.
  • There are other people who have consistently done moderate amounts of exercise, who lose weight when they start practicing the Rites. See John's Testimonial below.

"I've been doing T5T every day for the last 3 years. I've lost 7 kilos in weight and it stays off without any additional effort!! I've got so much more energy and I feel better all-round. I am less stressed, happy and able to plan my days better. The stiffness in my fingers is much better - almost non-existent. My friends are always saying how much better I look. "John Clemones - Managing Director - Special Tools & Storage Systems Pty Ltd

  • Those that have lost weight tend to find it easier to maintain their weight loss
  • The Rites are said to work by stimulating the major hormonal glands of the body. Around menopause many women tend to put on weight. My own experience and that of many other women I have spoken to, is that daily practice of the Rites, definately helped reduce weight. Others report reduction and improvement in bloating, fluid retention and hot flushes. I can certainly attest to the last one!
  • Since I added core stability training to the Rites, all of us have firmer/flatter stomachs!
  • The upper arms become less flabby and look toned!
  • Doing T5T daily takes self-discipline. After a while, people find they become more self-disciplined in other areas of their lives. This is of great benefit to anyone undertaking a weight loss program.
  • As people's energy levels rise, they are more motivated to take up other forms of exercise like walking or gym work etc. They also start doing tasks that they have been putting off for years - like doing the garden, spring-cleaning the house, clearing out garages etc! They become more active generally and this would contribute to weight loss.
  • Reduction in craving for 'junk' food. It is a very common experience for people to start naturally changing their dietary habits. It seems to be that they feel 'cleaner' on the inside and have a natural desire to eat healthier foods.

In answer to this question, I prefer to say, "Some do, some don't. What they will do is help you control your weight, improve your energy so you feel motivated to be more active, improve your self discipline and your desire for healthier food. They will strengthen & tone your body, particularly your stomach, upper arms and back, which contributes to improved self-esteem."

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Copyright (c) 2006 Carolinda Witt - author T5T - The Five Tibetan Exercise Rites (Penguin) and The 10-Minute Rejuvenation Plan (Random House)


Anonymous said...

yes, over time, one automatically veers towards healthy eating and living. t5t has several benefits over the long term.

Carolinda Witt said...

If you feel you are doing yourself good then it is natural to desire other good things! It's not just an exercise routine is it! Like a ripple in the pond, the benefits spread out in many directions. You just have to remain aware.

Cali said...

Glad you said "Some do, some don't"! I still struggle with my weight which swings between 54kg and 65 kgs. Long working days consisting of 8+ hours work and 4 hours travel ALWAYS result in me over-eating and under-exercising, hence the weight gain. When I don't work, I lose weight. As wonderful as T5T is, this is something it doesn't cure. I know this sounds like me being the voice of dissension (yet again!) but it is part of my urge to always see both the pluses and minuses of anything I do/experience. How often do we give up on something because it doesn't give us what it gives other people, while ignoring the benefits that we DO get however subtle they may be?

Carolinda Witt said...

Hi Cali,
I agree with you regarding both sides of the story. There is such a trend towards one-sided viewpoints which is not how the universe works. For every gain there is a loss, and for every loss there is a gain. It just takes introspection, analysis, pushing past resistance, and willingness to change one's perspective. It's called consciousness and some are more willing to seek it than others. There's the duality again! Everything in perfect opposites.
Regarding your personal situation, which is pretty representative of today's busy lives, I wondered if you could fit 10 - 15 mins per day in for T5T or a routine like T5T? It's amazing how even such a short amount of time can seem impossible to clear, or overwhelming to achieve. You may already be doing something of course, but it would be interesting to see if it did have an impact on your weight. Thanks for the comment.

Cali said...

Umm - I do T5T and have done for 4 or so years. No, I need a solid 30 minutes plus of aerobic exercise to control weight.

P.S. You know me, Carolinda. You taught me all those years ago.

Carolinda Witt said...

Hi Cali! Very hard to know who or which country you are from over the anonymity of the blog! There are people from just about everywhere commenting, and I never suspected an aussie! Fantastic to hear you are still keeping it up - good for you!
I have been doing lots of sitting down writing the book and teacher training manual and know what you are talking about. I walk my dogs twice a day and do T5T every day and this seems to keep my weight stable. I have noticed though with the increasingly sedentary time I have been having that the odd kilo has managed to creep back on! So I'm going to walk at night. A friend of mine who needs very little sleep walks his dog from 4am to 6am and then again in the late afternoon for another couple of hours. He has lost sooooo much weight! I don't advocate the lack of sleep that I would have to endure to match his regime, but I certainly think I'd rather walk more than jog or punch bags (which my daughter is trying to persuade me to join her in doing)!
Why don't you drop me an email and let me know who you are? I don't have you listed under 'Cali'! T5T has changed a lot since 4 years ago!
Best regards, Carolinda

Anonymous said...

Hi carolinda, ive been doing 5T rites since 3 years back. that with 30min daily walking. 20 min treadmill then tibetan rites and then 20 min walking again. that really does the trick. i also do some squats and lunges 2 times a week. i feel great, my mind is clear. i know coz im still sparring with and beating up 20year olds in martial arts..Im 40 by the way

Carolinda Witt said...

Ha ha! I love the image of you sparring and beating up 20 year olds in martial arts! Not such a fossil hey? You sound in peak health mentally and physically. How many squats and lunges do you do? And which martial arts? You don't use weights as part of your fitness routine?