Friday, September 03, 2010

Possible Detox Effects of The 5 Tibetan Rites

Due to the increased elimination of impurities and wastes, and increased oxygen in your body, you may experience some minor detox effects. You could also experience some unblocking of the human energy system (chi, qi, prana etc). Some people experience no symptoms at all, while others experience one or more of the following:

  • slight headache, as if you have given up coffee or fasted for the day
  • a metallic taste in the mouth
  • achy joints for a day or so
  • darker, stronger-smelling urine
  • diarrhea or strong bowel movement
  • initial constipation
  • slight nausea
  • initial fatigue as the body balances itself
  • cold or flu-like symptoms that last a day
  • a runny nose as sinuses clear
  • a tic or involuntary muscle movement over one eye
  • a mild rash or pimples
  • moodiness, either a bit snappy or teary

Consult your physician if these symptoms are severe or if they continue for longer than a few days to a week

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Steven Barnes said...

Been practicing the Five Tibetans for twenty years, and find them wonderful. Good to find you folks!


Carolinda Witt said...

Hi Steve, you've had some big achievements in your life! Well done!
All the best, Carolinda

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
am I doing anything wrong if I always feel nausea about 15-20min after I am done with the exercises (and it usually lasts for a couple of hours)? I asked my tibetan doctor and he told me that I just should do the exercise slowlier since I have a low blood pressure.
.....I am doing it really slow now but the nausea still appears. I am not sure if I should continue and maybe my body is just toxified..
do you have experience with this problem,

Carolinda Witt said...

No, you are not doing anything wrong!! this is a fairly regular problem. Even some long term yoga teachers and practitioners have experienced this. It is due to your balance system in the middle ear adjusting to the motion. Please read this for information and some tips -

Also you may be doing too many repetitions of all of the Rites, or just the Spin. Try doing all the Rites without the Spin and see if you still feel nauseous. If it is the Spin, then it may take as much as 6 months to be able to do all 21. Just add gradually!!

let us know how you go.

Anonymous said...

I'm 60 years old, in good health, and been doing the Five Tibetans for 30 years now.
I show them to people, and some
people have trouble doing the last two movements. When that occurs
I advise them to do the movements
on an angle, to shift the center
of gravity and weight from the
upper part of the body to the lower part, where they are usually stronger. They can do this till
they build enough upper body strength to do them on the floor.
At my age, I can do up to 18
chin-ups, or 50 push-ups without
The spinning movement requires
attention to body alignment.
If you have good alignment you
can spin 300 times without becoming dizzy.
Gary ^\^

Anonymous said...

How many times must a person do the 5 Tibetan rites in a week to see results:)

Carolinda Witt said...

Hi there, it is meant to be daily! According to the original book which you can download if you wish on my website at

Carolinda Witt said...

Well done Gary!!

rachelt said...

I have been doing the 5 tibetans for 2 months now and have worked up to the full 21 for each rite. Physically I feel great.
I have developed tinnitus this last month and wondered if there was any link? Does the 5 tibetans awaken Kundalini and could it therefore be this?
Many thanks,

Carolinda Witt said...

Hi Rachelt. Good for you for working your way up to the 21. It is possible for the swaying movements caused by the spinning movement, to effect your vestibular system in the middle ear and perhaps lead to tinnitus but would normally be temporary. You can test this by removing the spin from your practice and then re-introducing it more slowly:

Try this before investigating the kundalini route. Also try reading this article and applying some of the ideas when you re-introduce the spin.

rachelt said...

Thanks for your reply. I stopped the spinning this morning, so we shall see. I note tinnitus is not in your list of possible detox reactions, so guess you haven't come across it before as relating to detox reactions of the 5T. I did have nausea in the early days when practising the 5T. Don't get that anymore or dizziness.
I will see how I go!


Carolinda Witt said...

Hi again. No tinnitus is not on the list, but I have heard it before, I think only once or twice. I would really appreciate hearing how you go?
Thanks for writing in.

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