Friday, February 01, 2008

The Five Tibetan Rites Teacher Trainers Needed

We are looking for people who want to train others how to become teachers in the T5T method of doing the original Rites.

The T5T method is safer than the original version as it has been modified to suit anyone. The original method has some contra-indications for those with previous injury, degeneration, muscle weakness, poor body awareness, largely sedentary or unfit, overweight etc.

T5T has been developed in consultation with physiotherapists, osteopaths, chiropractors, occupational health, Pilates & Feldenkrais Practitioners. It also focuses on improving breathing since a number of clinical studies have shown that how well you breathe, literally dictates your lifespan.

You will need to have marketing/business development skills as well as a background in yoga, Pilates or fitness training.

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Anonymous said...

soon after my 73rd birthday i came across a copy of Peter Kelder's book / it was the little paperback published in 1985

despite overcoming a number of health issues i was beginning to accept the possibility of decrepitude / i read the booklet with interest and some scepticism and then i got down on the lawn to see if i cd do the movements / yes, i cd do them although a bit clumsily

it was xmas day 2006 / i made up my mind that day to perform the rites every day for at least a year

and so i did ! i followed the book and started with 3x each day and added two more x each succeeding week / in 10 weeks i reached 21 x

the benefits i experienced were almost miraculous / in only six weeks my friend and neighbor noticed a difference in me / when i told him about the rites he began doing them as well (he has now given up his prescription thyroid!)

now, 13 months later i am still doing them every morning

i achieved many of the benefits you have listed on a prior post

i have osteoporosis in my arms and had developed bone spurs on my wrist joints / within six months these unattractive knobs had completely gone away ! thanks to "the table" / smile

my blood pressure came into normal range / my back is no longer stiff and is pain free / so is my right knee that hurt terribly when rising from a stooped position / folks said i looked ten, even 20 years younger / my bristly chin whiskers went away (yay) / my posture improved / a spring in my step / i no longer felt "too old" to do anything and oh there is more as i lost 15 lbs of killer belly fat and feel my sugar is balanced, my metabolism is increased / feel such a sense of well being that i no longer crave comfort foods or the euphoria of alcohol


i have had grey hair for a number of years but now i detect changes in hair colour / in the front it appears to be coming in golden/blond

i have now read most of your blog / although i used the Kelder booklet which i admired for its simplicity and permissiveness i did eventually buy the two hardcovers and also your book

to be honest i thought your book was a bit too busy with photos and sketches / i was already doing the rites 21 x and due to former experience with yoga, pilates, jogging, and so on i had a fairly high consciousnss of my body / it didnt take long to become aware of the particulars of each movement and what part of the body it was targeting / i sent your book to a friend

i have gotten a lot of wonderful and useful information from your blog here and from many of the comments

sincerely, Katherine Hunter / 74 and going strong

Carolinda Witt said...

Wow and Wow again Katherine! What a great endorsement for the Rites! I am so thrilled for you! Well done for starting and persevering - the rewards of doing so have obviously paid off for you big time.

Yes my book has lots of photos! The little booklet you refer to has only 2 per posture. Only around 3.5% of the population practices yoga so unless you have a background like yours (yoga, Pilates, jogging and so on) most people flounder with so limited instructions and illustrations.

I make no bones about it that my version is about safety and the ability to practice the Rites long- term. Bear in mind, if you are doing 21 repetitions per day of the 5 movements - you are doing 38,325 per annum - if you do them daily as prescribed! If your alignment is not correct to begin with and you are not in control of the movement, then you have to watch out for repetitive strain type movements which can occur either in the early or later stages. If one has spinal, disc degeneration (which of course one can't see) one may experienced stain or pain.

In the booklet you have mentioned extensive bending is illustrated and described(collapsing the vertebrae and discs) of the lumbar & cervical spine. See Rites, 3, 4 and % (Kneeling Backbend, Tabletop and Downward/Upward Dog, all of which are contra-indicated in today's teaching without a corresponding training in lengthening the spine. Also, depending on the education of the instructor - neither are they performed without the core muscles activated to protect and stabilize the spine. The instruction to 'throw your head back as far as it will go, is also not recommended for degeneration/weakness or even occlusion of the vertebral artery leading to dizziness or in extreme cases temporary unconsciousness. This nearly happened to a 19 year old I know!

Strengthening the core muscles which is not included in the little booklet has added benefits as you age. Incontinence is a common problem of aging, with many people first noticing it when they sneeze. Doing the build-up of these muscles in my T5T version will protect you from that. It also stimulates the reproduction hormones, improving circulation to this area. Many people mention the improved libido they experience from this toning of the muscles and glands in this and other areas.

The booklet regrettably only refers to "take deep breaths' between each Rite, which is something most people don't know how to do! I know that this sounds strange to say for something we do seemingly without any effort. The monks and all paths of yoga have extensive breathing practices, which has not been passed to us in Colonel Bradford's teachings. However, like any muscles "unless you use it, you lose it". I have consulted noted breathing expert Michael Grant White to help develop people's breathing capacity by doing T5T daily. Consider this:

How you breathe directly affects your lifespan. In a 30 year study they were able to predict a person’s lifespan by measuring their forced exhalation. In other words they can tell how long you are going to live by how well you breathe!

Animals which breathe the slowest live the longest - the elephant, the tortoise and the whale are good examples.

a) The Framingham study (monitored thousands of participants spanning a 30 year period) focused on the long-term predictive power of vital capacity and forced exhalation volume as the primary markers for life span. "This pulmonary function measurement appears to be an indicator of general health and vigor and literally a measure of living capacity". Wm B. Kannel and Helen Hubert.

These researchers were able to foretell how long a person was going to live by measuring forced exhalation breathing volume, FEV1 and hypertension. We know that much of hypertension is controlled by the way we breathe. "Long before a person becomes terminally ill, vital capacity can predict life span." William B. Kannel of Boston School of Medicine (1981)

The test ‘Forced Exhalation Volume’ measures the amount of air a person can forcefully breathe out in one second, and is called FEV1

b) In teaching chronic heart failure patients (CHF) how to breathe, researchers at the University of Pavia, Italy discovered that slowing the respiratory rate to 6 breaths a minute reduces shortness of breath, improves pulmonary gas exchange and exercise performance in patients with CHF. Practicing slow and deep breathing thus can be beneficial in heart failure or in other diseases. (Source: Lancet. 1998 May 2; 351(9112):1308-11.)

Most people over-breathe or under breathe. Some find themselves regularly yawning or gasping for breath. Due to today’s demands for a flat stomach, or as a result of chronic tension, reduced breathing capacity etc most people breathe shallowly and rapidly into the upper chest which stimulates the sympathetic nervous system associated with flight or fight. This creates anxiety, tension and fatigue.

When you breathe slowly and deeply into your belly you stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system associated with calm and relaxation. It is much easier to be focused when you are calm rather than hyper.

So Katherine, there is more you can add if you so wish, and all in a such a small amount of time for such great benefits.

Try the free breathing tests on Michael Grant White's website if you wish to look into this further.

Best wishes to you and thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for your comprehensive reply / i should have added that i now recommend your book and your blog to several people / some younger friends of mine have experienced unexpected menses after performing the rites but i have not seen this issue addressed / they were postmenopausal / perhaps taking hormones and it was too much stiumulation

i agree the simple booklet is not for everyone / at my age and experience i modified several of the movements / during my 30's i nearly ruined my back overdoing yoga / only Rolfing and later ice skating restored my body's alignment and balance not to mention getting rid of all my high heeled shoes / smile

i am well into my second year and was thrilled reading some of your commenters who wrote that they have been doing the rites for as many as 16 years / well, i cant imagine not doing them now either

now going to look up the breathing tests


Carolinda Witt said...

Hi Katherine,

Interesting that they got unexpected menses again, but yes it only goes to show how powerfully stimulating these movements are - and are best learnt by following a step-by-step build up as both Colonel Bradford and I recommend. I have hear this before, but generally this tends to balance itself out after the first appearance or soon after. The squeezing and releasing action of the movements on the hormonal glands as well as their placement under the chakras, is indicative of what is occurring here. Seems like the monks were right! Since you come from a yogic background you will have a slight smile at this moment!

Very glad to hear from you too. All credit to you and your ongoing fitness.

I wish you well.

All the best C

Thomas said...

A truly remarkable and inspiring experience. You go girl!

You are so thorough and kind with your explanations. You are T5T. A wonderful person and program.
It's a pleasure to work with you.
since 1957
J'ville, FL

Carolinda Witt said...

You too Tom! Wish you were not so busy and could get teaching soon!
Love C

Anonymous said...

long time carolinda. how have you been? hows the book doing? my book is doing very well? also, not a day passes without doing the five tibetans. been doing it for over 15 years....its simply awesome!! cheers..rajendar menen at

Carolinda Witt said...

Hi Raj,

So glad your book is going well! You deserve success.

My book and DVD are both going well thank you - as is the Distance Teacher Training Program. I am looking now to license out the on-site practical training to experienced T5T trained practitioners. We need teachers everywhere and someone to train them. They will need to do a T5T Teacher Training Course first and then have a certain amount of teaching practice before becoming a Licensed Master Trainer. I have purchased the printing template from the publishers so I can translate and publish the book in any country where they do not own the publishing rights.

All the best for now, keep in touch.

Did you get good publicity for your book? What about a documentary? Any chance of that?

Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you. I did no publicity as such for the book. Just mentioned it on websites, mine included. But word got around and it has gone all over the world. It is a tough topic and so the book is one of its kind. But my real joy was in just writing it. Loved it.

Meanwhile, have not missed a single day of the 5 Tibetans in five years!!

Wow to both of us!!

Rajendar Menen from Bombay, India, at

Carolinda Witt said...

Hey Raj,

Glad you book is going so well! You really do deserve it. Hey, why don't you join our Five Tibetans community on Facebook? See Finally we have another community on Facebook which is at - free to join and important to learn about Social Networking in this era of Web 2 marketing.

All the best,