Monday, March 13, 2006

The Five Tibetans and sleep apnea

I was diagnosed with mild sleep apnea 3 weeks before attending my T5T weekend course in December last year. I commenced CPAP therapy a week before my course.

I have now been carrying out the full 21 rites for a month after taking the 10 weeks to get there progressively, getting there by adding 2 reps per week.

I have found that the combination of CPAP & T5T have certainly helped me to reduce my apneas ( stopping breathing whilst asleep ) from an average of 320 per night to zero occurrences.

The positive impact to my life has been quite amazing as it had been many years since I've woken feeling refreshed & I attribute T5T & it's energy breathing methods as a major factor in this change.

I am now back to a healthier & more wholesome life & thank Carolinda for sharing this simple but powerful experience with me'

John S. - South Australia"

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